The major difference between a leotard (traditionally associated with athletics) and a bodysuit is the crotch closure. Bodysuits have a snap closure while leotards do not have an opening at the crotch.

Bodysuits became a staple in women’s fashion in the 1950’s and have had serious resurrections in the 1980’s (thanks to Donna Karen) and the 2000s’. Bodysuits have stood the test of time because they were designed to be a formfitting one piece that could serve as undergarments, active wear, or a flattering alternative to a shirt that would never untuck from skirts and trousers.

Will a snap closure hurt while I’m horseback riding?

Free X Rein Bodysuit Closure

No. It will not hurt while in the in the saddle for a few important reasons. First, we specifically positioned the snap closure at the front of the thong— not underneath—so you won’t sit on it. Next, the thong is made out of a breathable, 4-way stretch material and is mid-rise so it won’t pinch or sag. Additionally, we tested our equestrian bodysuits hundreds of times over the past two years—literally hundreds of times! We also had numerous riders of various skill levels test our bodysuits while riding multiple horses over the course of several weeks.

While the venerable bodysuit has been around for decades, we recognize that it is largely unknown in the riding world. So we made sure it would be comfortable, dynamic, and polished before it’s equestrian-introduction.

What if I just don’t like wearing thongs when I horseback ride or in my daily life?

No problem. We plan to expand our collection into full seat bodysuits and other shirt alternatives in the future! For now, you can always wear full seat underwear beneath the bodysuit. We’re not here to judge!

We hope this is helpful when making the decision to take life by the reins and wear our FXR Equestrian Bodysuit!


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