Win $500 cash or $750 in Free x Rein store credit when you win a class at WEF or the Desert Horse Park while wearing Free x Rein and tag us with the hashtag #FreexReinRiderBonus on social media. 


Step 1: Sign up for the Challenge here.

Step 2: Win a class while wearing a Free x Rein Bodysuit or Riding Pant

Step 3: Post a photo or of your winning round on Instagram or Facebook with your Free x Rein visible. 

Step 4: Tag your post with @freexrein and the hashtag #FreexReinRiderBonus.


Q: Are all classes eligible for the challenge? 

A:  All amateur classes, except Equitation classes (due to USEF rules) are eligible for the challenge. The cash bonus cannot be awarded for amateur classes unless the rider is accepting the prize as the owner of the horse. 

Q: How will I know know you've seen my post? 

A: We check our social media daily, but you can feel free to email us at with a screenshot of your entry. 

Q: Will I be paid in cash or a check? 

A: Cash bonuses will be awarded by check or by PayPal.  

Q: Are there any other ways to win? 

A: Yes, if you refer three friends who are competing in Wellington or The Desert Horse Park we will enter you in a drawing to win a $500 check or $750 in store credit. The winner will be randomly picked at the end of the season. 

Q: Can riders win the bonus more than once? 

A: Riders can only win the bonus once, but are eligible to win a second check or store credit if they refer three friends who will be competing at WEF or the Desert Horse Park.