2019 Resolution: Self Care


2019 Resolution: Self Care

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, we're going to focus on self care in 2019. For a little inspiration, we ask five riders on how they like to chill out, whether it's after a tough day in the ring or at work.


Dana Schwartz
"I take self care seriously so I can stay focused and energized. I've learned that self care does not have to be a vacation or require a spa, it's finding small things throughout the day that bring me joy and help me to relax. I find a 15 minute youtube video for a yoga refresher, and if I can, go for a swim." 


"I take care of myself, mentally and physically, with my daily run. It's when I 'm the most creative and focused and being in good running shape has also helped me so much as a rider. I recently started sticking to a more structured schedule and holding myself accountable to a certain number of miles each week is a great mental exercise." 


Andrea Vogel
"I always feel like I ride better when I've taken a break so I try to recreate freshness by doing something just for myself everyday. That can mean working out, going for a walk, getting my nails done, taking an extra long shower, or, one of my favorites (I hate to admit it!) watching some trashy television. After a long day of riding and work, there is nothing better than relaxing by watching Bravo- it's so nice to turn my brain off for an hour!"


Caitlin Creel
"The more you take care of yourself and your mental health, the more care and love you can show everyone around you and it's just one big, happy circle! To de-stress in general, I'm a big reader and reflector. I usually need to spend some time alone, read, throw on a face mask, maybe watch a funny movie or a rom com, and just step away from the rest of the world!"


Lucy Davis
"I recently started working out in the morning. I've found it helps me think so much more clearly throughout the day, pay more attention to my clothes and it's the best way to stick to a schedule when training and showing can make creating a routine really hard."