Travel Envy: Caitlin Creel's European Tour

 Travel Envy:

Caitlin Creel's European Tour

It’s any equestrian’s dream: Caitlin Creel and her three horses—Dynamis KC, Double Duchess KC, and Giorgio Van’t Hagenhof—are spending the season summering in Europe. Well, not exactly summering—Creel and her team are hitting up the 2* and 3* events at four different shows in Switzerland, France and Belgium. We got the scoop on what she packed, where she’s spending her free time, and what she's looking forward to most. 

Caitlin Creel and her dog in Paris

“I am known to be over-packer,” Creel says. “This trip I packed two suitcases and one giant Stanley. We have a barn where our horses are basing out of for the next two months, so I will come back and repack before every show!” 

So her packing musts? 

As far as what I pack for every show, I always bring at least two pairs of schooling pants and then all of my show attire which includes my two favorite Elite Bodysuits that I save for my biggest classes of the week and also my new favorite White Hunt Pant! For free time, a couple of pairs of my favorite jeans and some sort of sweater—I tend to get cold no matter what the temperature is!” 

Caitlin Creel wearing her white hunt riding pants and Elite Equestrian Bodysuit

Caitlin wearing her Elite Equestrian Bodysuit and Hunt Riding Pants

Her full show diary, below. Consider our travel lust in full effect. 

Longines Masters in Lausanne, Switzerland

“We heard so many great things about this show and knew it would be a really great way to kick off our tour. It’s so beautiful here, and it’s amazing to ride right next to Lake Geneva. I can’t wait to come back!” 

Insider secret: The fondue! I am a huge cheese lover, and this isn’t your everyday Melting Pot, it’s wildly better. I really recommend any fondue in Switzerland. 

Favorite spot: Brasserie Montbenon. It has such a cool vibe and delicious food. 

Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show in St. Tropez, France 

“This is really one of the nicest shows I’ve ever been to! Only downside is that it’s been in the high 90s and low 100s all week. Not the most ideal weather for riding but the management has done their best to pick the best times to show for the horses and the food is pretty awesome!” 

I’m looking forward to: Riding in a big ring! Ha. A lot of the shows over here can have smaller rings and I have larger horses, so to have not only a big ring but also a big warm up is feeling pretty luxurious.

Insider secret: Rosé all day. Except when you’re showing of course! 

What I'll be doing in my downtime: Tanning! Need to even out these farmers tan lines!

Knokke Hippique in Knokke-Heist, Belgium 

“I first came to Knokke in 2016 and was excited to return this year! The show is quite fun, and they also offer a lot of different classes within the 2* division which is great when you want to work on different things with your horses.” 

What I am most looking forward to: Riding a bike to the show! I love to pretend I’m a local and everyone rides bikes here. Plus, it’s good for the planet and adds a little extra workout to my day!

Insider secret: They sell this amazing Arizona Blueberry White Tea here that I actually believe is sent from heaven. It’s a must!

Favorite spots: Lucy Chang! Delicious Asian food!!

Jumping International de Megève in Megève, France

“Apparently we were very drawn to the Swiss Alps this trip! The show is in the middle of the mountains and just gorgeous. I’ll be jumping my first 3* on my horse, Luke, during this show!”

What I am most looking forward to: Stepping up to some bigger classes with Luke! We have been working together for a little over a year now and this will be the biggest class that we have jumped together. 

My favorite spots to go: Le Chamois. I experienced “raclette” for the first time here and let me tell you, that’s life changing. 

What I'll be doing in my downtime: Hanging out with my ponies and staying on top of my work for PonyApp! 

Jumping De Dinard in Dinard, France 

“This is in my top two of favorite horse shows ever! It is so beautiful and the crowds that come out to watch are pretty amazing. We all loved this show last time we came in 2016, so definitely had to add it to our schedule again!”

What I am most looking forward to: I will be competing in the 3* division again, but this time it’s in a grass ring which my large horses suit very well. I am excited to get some more experience jumping bigger in a different kind of setting!

Insider secret: Dinard is right on the water, so the fish is super fresh here!

What I'll be doing in my downtime: Tanning if possible... Would love to have a summer glow before we head back to the States!

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