Suit Up: Why You Should Wear a Bodysuit While Riding

Bodysuits have always been big in the activewear world. Jane Fonda, prima donna ballerinas and even Beyoncé all have a secret—they rock bodysuits on the regular because they know how comfortable they are.

And that’s why, when it came to creating the first pieces of the Free x Rein line, we had one very specific design in mind—a chic, totally versatile body suit. Because while a perfectly designed top is cool, there’s always one catch…it never stays in place when we’re riding or out and about.

But this top won’t come untucked. Designed in breathable fabrics in any rider-neutral you could dream of, Free x Rein’s long-sleeved bodysuits are not only incredibly flattering, but also built for comfort. For those of you nervous about the whole “one piece” thing, fear not—the thong panty design won’t have you feeling stuck! The snap closure is placed in front of the crotch, therefor never interfering while in the saddle, and makes it easy to change in and out of. And it comes in three amazing, unique styles to fit any look: The Moto, the Sport Fit, and the Elite.




Made of impossibly-soft jersey material, the Moto will be your go-to for life on and off your horse. Don’t forget the effortlessly cool details—exposed hardware, contrast paneling, and a mock turtleneck—throw on with a pair of jeans and flats for an effortlessly cool French girl look.





Aptly named, the Sport Fit bodysuit is for those days where you’re going to push yourself hard in the ring. Designed for serious movement, the breathable fabric will feel like your second skin, but also keep you secure and comfortable. 

For the days you need a little bit of extra polish in and out of the ring, there’s the Elite bodysuit. It’s the perfect competition suit thanks to the poplin collar and cuffs, and we love it after hours with a mini skirt, too.





In 2018, we’re all about starting the bodysuit revolution. And Seriously—if they’re good enough for Beyoncé, they’re good enough for us, too.











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