Ringside Chat with Gina Sanders

Gina Sanders’ riding career began the moment her daughter’s ended.

“My daughter was taking lessons, but lost interest,” Sanders says. “When I called the barn to let them know,Gina Sanders they mentioned they thought somebody else in the family was more attracted to riding,” Sanders says. “I didn’t realize it was that obvious! Once you inhale the aroma of the saddle and mane, it’s something that is inculcated into you for life.”

Sanders took her first jump eight years ago—”it was the most organic and natural thing I have ever done”—and has been making up for lost time ever since.

Born in Ardsley, New York, the hunter jumper moved to New York City in ‘85 and three years later found her way to Condé Nast, where she’s built a 30-year career working at many publications notably as the Publisher of Teen Vogue and CEO of Fairchild Fashion Media. She’s now a Venture Partner at Advance Venture Partners as well as an advisor at Y Combinator, a business accelerator that helped stellar startups like Airbnb and Dropbox launch.

Obviously, Sanders’ commitments both in and out of the equestrian ring keep her incredibly busy—that’s where the ease of Free x Rein pieces come in. The line has totally Marie Kondo’d her wardrobe.

Gina Sanders Equestrian

“Any piece of clothing that one can ride in, throw a blazer over and wear to work, do Pilates in, toss a silk blouse over and go out to dinner in—or even sleep in (in a pinch) in a cold room well, that’s a good garment in my book,” she says. “It’s all about ease, simplifying, and increasing the fluidity of one’s life.”

Her favorite, The Signature Ponte Pant, is already perfectly streamlined with the classic, equestrian-inspired wardrobe. In a day and age where life can be complicated, these pieces make going from the stables to work and social commitments so...not.

“At this stage in my career, I have take a portfolio approach to life,” Sanders says. “I balance multiple projects in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Riding fits in as a key piece of the portfolio as the ultimate goal of my work  is ‘act with meaning.’”

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