Ringside Chat: The Founders of Town's End Outfitters

Rindside Chat:

The Founders of Town's End Outfitters

Brittany Lloyd and Carolyn Likas spent their collegic years co-captaining the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Equestrian Team—but after graduation they stopped competing and quickly realized their lives felt empty without riding. Looking for a new way to connect with their bodies and stay active, they took up golfing and skiing, and quickly noticed a major gender gap when it came to high-performing, beautifully designed activewear for women.


In response they founded Town’s End Outfitters. It’s a boutique shop where every degree of athlete—from amateur to absolutely obsessed—can find something. There are glamorous oversized cable knit sweaters, pastel ski suits, and a perfectly pleated golf dress, all alongside the new shop-in-shop that houses the entire Free x Rein collection.


Sourcing this stellar assortment is just one of the things that Lloyd and Likas feel passionate about. Learn more about the duo (and how their love of riding has evolved now that they’re in the business) below:


What first drew you to riding?

CL: I have been animal obsessed since day one, so the idea of having a partnership with a big animal really fascinated me. I don’t come from an equestrian family in any way, but I do come from a family full of unique and individual passions, so they were understanding and supportive when they realized this was mine.

BL: Horses have been a part of my family for as long as I can remember! In fact, there is a story that my mom played polo while she was pregnant with me. Both of my grandparents and parents played polo and my mom and sister had a special affinity for the hunter ring. So for me, learning to ride like was a duck taking to water. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by so many horsemen and women, and for my grandmother who is perhaps the most influential cowgirl of them all.


What inspired you to found Town's End Outfitters?

CL & BL: After we both stopped competing in college, we were looking for a way to be involved in the sports we love.  Not competing gave us all this time we didn’t know what to do with so we started golfing and skiing more and completely loved it! Town’s End Outfitters gives us the ability to help connect with other amateur athletes around the world who have the same passion as we do, and we can help them look and feel even better while playing or riding. We both also saw a lot of men we know bonding over things like golf, hunting, and ski trips, but many of our girlfriends just weren’t participating in the same type of activities because they weren’t exposed to them or didn’t feel confident enough to try them for the first time. We wanted to create a space for women to come together, try sports free of pressure and get to enjoy the same feeling of comradery as the boys do.


How has your view of riding changed since you're also in "the business"?

CL: I’ve learned there are a lot of ways to be involved in (and enjoy) any sport without being the top rider in your class or a professional. We cater to that person who is here to have fun and truly enjoy the entire experience of the sport. I am not a professional skier but I certainly love to enjoy time on the mountain, that is what we want other people to realize too.

BL: Being a part of the “the business” in a new capacity is a lot of fun and frankly, less stressful! I love having the ability to visit friends and stay involved without the pressures of competition. Through Town’s End, we also have the opportunity to be involved in all kinds of other sports like golf, tennis, sailing, and skiing and I love discovering new products and innovations that I think are applicable to the equestrian market.


What do you like about Free X Rein pieces?

CL: I love the bodysuits because they stay tucked in and are comfortable! I have a really long torso and always end up with shirts bulking up and coming untucked. I know that I am happier and play better if I feel good and this piece has been a secret weapon for me while riding!

BL: I love the versatility! While the pieces are clearly designed with an equestrian in mind, I love pairing the Moto Equestrian Bodysuit with jeans and over the knee boots for dinners and a night out. The Short Sleeve Henley is my favorite with distressed denim and sandals for a casual Sunday.






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