Ringside Chat: Lourdes de Guardiola

Wellington native Lourdes de Guardiola is easily one one of the busiest people we know. The mother of three is an equestrian, entrepreneur, and teacher. Whether she’s on the horse or cheering on her husband and students from the sidelines, one thing’s for certain—her Free x Rein favorites are going with her. Get to know Lourdes, below.



What’s your first memory of horseback riding?

My father was involved in developing the land in Wellington in the late 70s through the 80s. My parents had some trail horses on our property, so I caught the riding bug very early. By 6 years old I was already competing and earning championships in the small ponies at indoor finals!



Tell me a little bit about your business.

Over the past 2 years I have stepped away from the professional horse world to focus on having our two daughters and raising our son. During that time I realized that my fashion bug was calling again and it inspired me to launch my online boutique Milou Palm Beach. Alongside our online store, Milou also has a pop up location at International Polo Club in Wellington for the winter season.


How do you find balance between it all?

Somehow amongst all of these hats we wear, Michael and I are able to find a calm balance between expanding our family, opening a new business, and growing Michael’s showjumping career.  We love all of these aspects of our lives. We encourage each other and always support every move we make. Our lives are fortunate ones and we fully understand how grateful we should be.


What’s your favorite Free x Rein piece and why?

I can’t wait to put my Free Rein ponte pants into heavy rotation. Between my mom duties, owning a clothing boutique, and starting to ride again, those pants will surely become a staple in my closet. Michael has taken over as sole professional at our Imperial Show Stables, and I will be able to travel and watch him compete this summer.  Those pants will surely need their own passport!

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Am so proud of this young woman. Knowing this wonderful person for all of her beautiful life, I lovingly remain her devoted mother, accompaning her on her exciting and spiritual journey of life.

marlene deGuardiola April 13, 2018

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