Ringside Chat: Katherine Page

When Free x Rein founders Dana Schwartz and Andrea Vogel met Katharine Page the trio instantly connected: Page, much like Schwartz and Vogel, had founded her own equestrian-inspired fashion line. Inspired by the design and craftsmanship, her line of sandals and ballet flats are made of gorgeous leather with beautiful stitching. The entrepreneur is also competitive hunter and spends her time her gorgeous horse, Big Sur.


What inspired you to start Katharine Page?

Several years ago I found that I was mostly wearing flats for comfort but was frustrated by the lack of comfortable luxury sandals. I don’t have any formal design training but knew there had to be a better option out there. I did quite a bit of research and  found a material called Poron that is used in running shoes. I decided to make sandals with Poron lining in the footbed. It’s really thin but super durable, people say my sandals “bounce”!


Where did you find inspiration for the design?

Once I decided on the Poron footbed, the next step was figuring out what they would look like. One day at the barn I was admiring the fancy stitching detail on my horse's show bridle and that is when the idea for the design hit me—I would design a collection of sandals based on that timeless design. All of the KP designs are inspired by Equestrian Leatherwork.


When did you start riding?

I took my first lesson when I was six, and continued through college. I took a break for a while, and started showing again in my early thirties. A dream come true! I show hunters on the A circuit and compete in the Amateur Owner Division. My horse's show name is Surreal but we call him Surri or Big Sur.


What do you like to do to unwind?

I am able to do all of this because my husband is my business partner. I handle the design, marketing, and selling and he does all the rest. I would definitely say he does the lion share. It works well for us and we have enjoyed the process of launching our business together.

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