Ringside Chat: Jasmine Weber


Jasmine Weber is easily one of the coolest people we’ve ever met. The Swiss-born, Cali-living equestrian has a brood of French bulldogs (five! Plus a Dogue De Bordeaux and a Saint Bernard), competes all over the world, and has her own equestrian training center, Rocking Basilisk Farms.


She started riding twenty five years ago—at age 7—and now competes with five different horses (Basilisk, Rammstein, Barcelona, Dakota, and Clark Kent) plus a few younger ones that she’s training. The super multi-tasker finds a way to get it all done and make it look easy—and whether you’ve seen her compete in person or are simply a fan of her Instagram, there’s one thing we know for sure: Jasmine is a total badass.


So when it comes competing, we had to know: What’s her best piece of advice?


“Try to just listen to your coach and cancel all other voices out,” she says. “Feel your horse breathe and move underneath you. When you feel that you move as one, you’re there.”

Check out our full interview, below. [we could also tease the instagram takeover here? wasn’t sure if it’s going to be at same time this is going live]


FxR: What drew you to riding?

JW: The neighborhood I grew up in had horses on a field right in front of my backyard. I would watch them everyday and slowly fell in love with their beauty and grace. Being around horses is the only thing that slows down my mind. It’s hard to put into words.


FxR: How does riding around the world compare to riding stateside?

JW: The main difference is the warm up ring. They tend to be a lot smaller in Europe and you share the jumps with fellow competitors. In the States you usually have your own warm up jump. I enjoy riding both locally and internationally, but some of my favorite shows are in Canada. Thunderbird and Spruce Meadows are just incredible venues—well organized shows and a great gateway into competing in Europe.


FxR: What's a typical day like for you?

JW: I wake up, feed my dogs, eat breakfast myself, head over to my stables, check on my horses, help my groom get them tacked up, work on the flat with all of them, feed them lunch, take care of the barn cats, go home, play with my dogs, go grocery shopping, make dinner for me and my husband, feed the dogs dinner, go to the stables to check on the boys, feed the barn cats, prepare the next day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner ready the horses, go home, watch tv with my husband, 10-20 min on my rowing machine, get ready for bed, then zzzz...


FxR: What do you like about Free x Rein?

JW: I like that everything is very stylish. The colors are great, and the bodysuits are the best.


FxR: What keeps you coming back to riding?

JW: I can ride the same horse for years but everyday is a new experience. In this sport you get as much out of it as you are willing to put in. Work on being more disciplined, eat well, workout and most of all take care of your partner, your horse. Learn about horse nutrition, talk to your farrier, your vet, and always ask them questions. The more you know, the more confident you are and the more your horse trusts you.


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