Ringside Chat: Danielle Prescod, style director of BET.com


Danielle Prescod is a crazy busy. The style director of BET.com is constantly on the move—some days it’s a super-glam fashion event in FiDi, others she’s traveling for a story (aka attending Coachella and interviewing Saweetie). But there’s one place you can almost always find her: At the stables on Sunday. “I dedicate my entire day to riding,” she says. “I usually ride different horses which is a good way to challenge my riding abilities.”

Danielle Prescod, style director of BET.com / Free x Rein

The lifelong equestrian is originally from Westchester, New York, but now calls Midtown home. We take the fact that she loves the Free x Rein designs (specifically the pants) as the hightest compliment. Get to know Prescod below.

FxR: What first drew you to riding?

DP: I can't remember when I first became interested in horses, but I went to all-girls prep school and horses were a big thing for girls growing up. Almost all my friends and I rode. My mom is horribly allergic to horses though and she was also really nervous about my sister and I injuring ourselves jumping.

FxR: What's your fondest memory from riding?

DP: I don't really know a way to make this not sound cheesy, but the moment that you first "meet" a horse and the horse is excited to see you and get close to you—it's such a good feeling. I still love it.

Danielle Prescod, style director of BET.com / Free x Rein

FxR: How has riding influenced other parts of your life?

DP: It was a much bigger influence on my life when I was younger and I definitely had elements of "equestrian style" well into my 20s, but for the most part, I think that is has influenced my personality. Riding is a huge exercise in humility and patience, two qualities that don't come naturally to New Yorkers. I love that I have to use those traits while riding and I think it helps them bleed over into my non-horse life.

Danielle Prescod, style director of BET.com

FxR: What's your favorite Free x Rein piece and why?

DP: How do you like to wear it? So far my favorite Free x Rein piece is the breeches. I am pretty low-key at the barn so I usually ride in a t-shirt and breeches with my boots.

Danielle Prescod, style director of BET.com

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