Ringside Chat: Carly Anthony

Carly Anthony wearing the Hunt Riding pants in Sunday White

Carly wearing The Hunt Riding Pant in white

It’s no surprise that Carly Anthony is an entrepreneur. She inherited both her love of riding and independent spirit from her mother, Cara, the head trainer and owner of Potcreek Meadow Farm. Anthony’s been riding since before she could remember—and she recently left her position at Neil Jones Equestrian to start her own training and imports business. 

Carly Anthony wearing Free x Rein Hunt Riding Pants in White

FxR: What’s it like to be a female equestrian entrepreneur? 

Carly Anthony: I’d say it’s just as difficult and competitive as being a female entrepreneur in any other field. Riding doesn’t seem like a male-dominated sport, but it definitely still is. I come from a family where my mom started her business from scratch, and my sister has her own AI startup, so this was something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s really empowering and something I want to celebrate. It’s hard, but I know other women can do it, too. 

Carly Anthony competing in Europe

FxR: Speaking of female entrepreneurs, do you have some favorite Free x Rein pieces? 

CA: The Hip Bag is by far the greatest invention… ever. Many of my breeches have shallow pockets, and the Hip Bag holds whatever I need. I usually keep credit cards, cash, my phone, and lip balm in it. It doesn’t get in your way while you’re riding and makes life so easy. I also really like the bodysuits because the fabric is so soft and breathable. You can tell they really thought the design through because the snap buttons are in a place where they don’t hurt when you ride. 

FxR: You’ve competed on both the east and west coasts. What’s the biggest difference between them? 

CA: I know it’s stereotypical, but shows in California are so laid back and relaxed. They’re like five minutes from the beach and in these amazing locations. West Coast shows are also a lot more into new and trendy styles—everything on the East Coast is much more traditional. There’s a lot of history behind the competitions, and with that comes a lot of intensity and responsibility. I’m lucky to be able to compete in both. 

Carly Anthony competing in Wellington, Florida

FxR: What’s your favorite show? 

CA: Thunderbird will always be one of my favorite shows. But Dinard in France is so unique because it really has its own energy. Everything there is pink, and against the huge grass field it’s just so pretty. And the French know how to do the sport so beautifully, your hair just stands up during the Grand Prix. 

FxR: What female equestrians do you admire the most? 

CA: I worshipped Margie Engle growing up. She’s really short, and so am I, so I found it really inspiring to see somebody doing Grand Prix and she didn’t seem scared at all. Of course, Beezie Madden is also incredible. 

Carly Anthony competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival

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