Rider's Request: Helen Pollock's Signature Style

Helen Pollock’s style is beyond amazing. Her blog, Life Equestrian, and Instagram keep us totally inspired both in and out of the ring—and when we heard she was a fan of the Free x Rein Signature Ponte Pant , we were beyond excited. Whether she’s wearing them with her espadrilles, running shoes, or (our favorite) a smart pair of Gucci leather slippers, she always looks stylish. Here’s how she pairs her classic signature style with her Free x Reins for work or play:

1. Vince: Perforated Blair Sneaker

    • Vince sneakers are the perfect easy, slip on shoe for days when the barn is the goal after work.  They pair up so well with breeches and keep things comfortable which is always key.
    2. Seastar Espadrilles:  Black Seastar Espadrilles
    • I LOVE Seastar Espadrilles...they are the ultimate espadrilles made of quick-drying neoprene that's perfect for a beach or barn day.  With rubber bottoms, they are uber comfortable, fashionable and practical for equestrian life.
    3. Gucci Loafers:  Princetown Leather Slipper
      • If splurging on a pair of handcrafted Italian slides is your thing, then you will LOVE the Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper.  This style adds subtle touch of elegance to any breech look with the traditional "Gucci" horsebit and ultra soft Italian leather.  I love this look with the tan Ponte breech for a classic equestrian look.

        4. Ugg High tops: Gradie Black High top


        • These haute high tops are perfect for stomping around town with your breeches.  They are ultra comfortable and the side zip makes it super easy to get in and out of for a fast boot change at the barn.  They add a hint of biker to our breeches, giving us the subtle "tough" rider look :-)
            5. Addidas: Adidas Women's Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe
          • For pure comfort I love the Addida women's Edge Lux shoe.  Its super comfortable and easy to slip on. I like to keep these on the cleaner side so I don't muck stalls with them.  They are perfect to pair with the black Ponte breech for a more athletic look.

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