Bobbi Brown: 5 Questions on Equestrian Beauty and Wellness

Bobbi Brown is a legend. There’s no other way to describe the makeup artist, author, and entrepreneur—who also recently added wellness guru and hotel designer to her resume—she revolutionized the way that women approached makeup and skincare with the founding of her eponymous cosmetics line in 1991.

After 15 years with her brand, she stepped away to start a new adventure, Beauty Evolution. The company has a whole-body approach to beauty—the line has potent probiotics (studies show that a healthy gut is directly related to glowing skin), protein powders, and supplements to strengthen your hair, skin, and nails, all inspired by women who lead busy, challenging, and exciting lives.

“I greatly admire athletes in general, and have always worked hard to develop products that fit into women’s’ active lifestyles.”

Of course, there are also top notch beauty tips on the site, too. (Something we were particularly excited to ask her about and she came through!!) We chatting health, wellness hacks, and lots of beauty, below.

What inspired you to launch Beauty Evolution and EVOLUTION_18?

BB: When I left the brand in 2016, my curiosity inspired me to start a company that was lifestyle inspired. Beauty Evolution is meant to inspire women about everything from wellness, to beauty, to travel, etc. EVOLUTION_18, under the Beauty Evolution umbrella, is a line of lifestyle-inspired, wellness products meant to offer simple and easy solutions to answer women’s health needs.

Do you have a favorite easy hack that incorporates EVOLUTION_18?

BB: Before I go to bed at night I heat up some water and add it to EVOLUTION_18’s Overnight Vanilla. Filled with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and magnesium (which helps me relax), it is the ultimate restorative drink. And a great alternative to dessert.

Equestrians are known for their polished beauty looks... but riding all day can result in a not-so-fresh look. How can we preserve our makeup without weighing down skin?

I suggest equestrians wear long-wear makeup to ensure there is no smudging, and I’d go for a sportier versus glamourous look. Flushed cheeks, berry lips, and nicely defined eyes are perfect. Also, everyone looks great with eyeliner. You want to make sure you look good when you take off the helmet off.

How do you get the perfect fresh-faced look?

First off, I suggest wearing tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Make sure to use a concealer to brighten up under the eyes. Open your eyes up with a dark brown or black eyeliner—make sure to line the eyes from the inner to outer most corners as to not make them look smaller. After, swipe on two to three coats of jet black mascara. Next, put on a pretty pink blush on your cheeks. Try to find a color that mimics your cheeks when they are flushed. Lastly, swipe on a pretty lip gloss or lipstick that accentuates the natural tones found in your lips.

What are five things (beauty products or not) you can't leave the house without?

My iPhone, a bottle of water, my face oil, my EVOLUTION_18 Probiotic, and my favorite pair of sneakers.

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