A Day with Britt Sabbah

Britt Sabbah is a morning person. And that’s a super lucky thing—because the gifted equestrian is one of the busiest people we know. Sabbah grew up competing in St. Louis, Missouri but took a hiatus from horses until she was in graduate school at USC; it was then, while in search of a stress reliever, that she took her first “re-riding” lesson and fell back in love. The mom of one is now eventing in dressage and jumping, plus taking care of three minis—all located in the barn in her backyard—and helping run her family's nonprofit (#goals).

Britt Sabbah 

“I am still navigating the horse showing life with a baby in the mix,” she says. One thing that makes life a little bit easier? Her Free x Rein Moto Bodysuit. “I love it because it can be styled with pretty much anything. I can throw it on with so many different breeches for different looks, or under a fun pair of high waisted jeans for a street look!”


We took a step back from our Instagram fandom to talk her about a day in the life.


5:30 a.m.: I usually wake up around this time without an alarm. My 13-month-old daughter, Rory, typically sleeps until around 6:30, so it’s really nice to have about an hour of time to take care of some things before she gets going for the day.

 Britt Sabbah

6:00 a.m.: I usually head out to feed my horses first thing. Luckily, they live in my backyard so it’s super convenient! My horses live at home so I’m “at the barn” nearly 24/7! 


6:15 a.m.: After the horses are fed, I typically have a few minutes to myself. I like to be productive during this time, so I check my email and pack Rory’s lunch and snacks for daycare.  


6:30 a.m.: Rory is up! We have breakfast, play a little, and then head out to start the day.


7:30 a.m.: I’m ashamed to say I don’t have much of a beauty routine these days. Other than brushing my teeth and a quick face wash, I usually head out the door without much prep! I drop Rory off at daycare then I’m back at the house. 


10:00 a.m.: I usually ride both horses as soon as I’m home. I focus on dressage with my buckskin pony Louie—we’re looking to move up to fourth level this year. I also recently added another pony to my string, Rickamore Rafferty, who I like to call Ricky. We also have three minatures miniatures. It’s really fun!


2:00 p.m. After we’re finished, I take care of barn chores, turnouts, and whatever else needs to be done. Then I go inside and get cleaned up, and do some work for my parents’ nonprofit. 


5:30 p.m.: It’s time to pick up Rory from daycare. We typically run a few errands and figure out what’s for dinner. I hate to admit that I’m not very good at cooking, but I’m lucky that my husband is, so typically we go out to dinner or he’s in charge of cooking.  


6:30 p.m.: While dinner is simmering I like to go check on the horses and feed them dinner. 


8 p.m.: Getting Rory ready for bed is one of my favorite moments of the day. My husband and I both give her a bath, then I like to rock her while we read a story.


9:30 p.m.: We’re all morning people at my house, which means we like to get into bed super early! 


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