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Free x Rein Gives Back 

Free x Rein gives back

Our Love for horses runs deep

That's why we're thrilled to partner with equestrian-focused non-profits that are making the riding world a better place. 


Second Stride
At Second Stride, former racehorses are able to live long, happy lives. Their goal is to retire and rehabilitate horses safely, creating a haven for them to have a second career as show horses and beloved riding fellows. 
Second Stride Success Story

NOVEMBER 2018 - Blue Moon Diamond found a home with 9th ranked in the World, USA Para Olympian fencer Ellen Geddes and her Three Day event trainer in Aiken. He was so lovely for them with his unflappable disposition.

Here’s a page dedicated to one of Second Stride’s very first adoptees, “Bomb Site”, adopted by Jane Polk in 2004.  http://secondstride.org/bombsite.htm   His owner has kept in touch ever since and sent us a photo of Bomb Site from her wedding in 2013. 

OCTOBER 2016: Speedy Girl, adopted April 2016. Competed at the 2016 Retired Racehorse Project in barrel racing.


OCTOBER 2017: Range, adopted in 2015. Update from his owner, "Range went to his first show over the weekend and not a hoof out of place, acted like he had been doing this his entire life. 3 firsts and a second! He’s such a dream come true. Thank you for all you did for him while he was there, and everything you continue to do for all the wonderful OTTBs!"


SEPTEMBER 2018: SAFELY SPUN, adopted in 2014. His adopter Kate Snyder reports, "At nine years old, Second Stride, Inc. graduate Safely Spun finally broke his maiden and got to stand for a win photo in a real winner’s circle. Third Level, The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program CHAMPS!" 

"Yes it’s pouring rain in this photo and yes he’s mad that I made him wear all of his prizes and stand still in the circle but we were already drenched and thank goodness he pricked his ears at Amelia Jean Foster tossing grass in the air. This snapshot of joy was captured by Winslow Photography LLC and made possible by Battle Creek Dressage." 

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