Rider's Request: How to Fight Helmet Hair

It’s a problem every equestrian faces: Helmet hair. And while you’d think somebody would have invented a non-hair messing helmet by now, it’s still not around… which means we need something STAT to take our hair from the stables to dinner. (You know, much like your favorite Free x Rein pieces have done for your wardrobe.)

Here’s how we battle helmet hair:

  1. Teleties. You’re going to want your hair pulled out of your face while you’re riding—so fight crimping with this absolutely genius coiled hair tie. We like the large band in clear—it holds slippery hair in place without denting it and is basically invisible in all hair colors. Link here.
  2. Dry Shampoo. A total lifesaver when you’re having basically any hair mishap (hello, flat hair)—spray Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray on your roots, flip over your head and brush through to resuscitate your locks. Bonus: It comes in travel size for your bag or car! Link here.
  3. Pomade. Sticking out of the edges of your helmet or disrupting what would otherwise be a totally sleek pony, baby hairs can ruin any polished look. This pomade from Kristin Ess is perfect at taming hair without leaving it greasy looking. Link here.
  4. Embrace the Pony Tail. Really, it’s your friend!! Pair with an amazing pair of studs and your Moto Body Suit for a perfect, pulled together look.

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