Rider's Request: Injured. Now What?

Life Happens.

And sometimes that means an injury or illness, or just life in general, might keep you from riding. Our founders, Dana and Andrea, get it. They’re both out of commission right now—Dana recently injured her foot and Andrea is expecting (woohoo!)—and totally missing being in the ring. But instead of moping about not being able to ride (which, trust us, can be easy to do), they’ve developed a fail-proof plan to both stay active and in touch with their equestrian side. Here are five ways they stay sane during their unplanned break:


  • Stay active - This can mean going on a walk, practicing your flow, swimming laps in the pool—anything that keeps you moving. Try going on a hike if you miss being outside, and don’t forget to focus on keeping your core strong. In the wise words of Elle Woods “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

  • Stay positive. Self care is key. For most of us riding is a form of therapy, and when you’re not riding things can feel just totally off. Take some time for yourself, even if it’s just doing a face mask (we love the Energizing Radiance Mask from Kiehl’s!), watching Riverdale, or baking some cookies with a friend. Maybe all of the above at the same time! Connecting with how you’re feeling and doing things you love is an important part of feeling good.
  • Get out. Just because you’re taking a break from the ring doesn’t mean you have to put your britches in the back of the closet. Your Free x Rein pieces can go anywhere—errands, to dinner, out—and with the upcoming launch of our new short-sleeved bodysuit, there’s now even more styles to love.
  • Stay connected. We ❤️ our riding community. On tough days at the stable, they keep us grounded. And staying in touch with them when we’re down (even if we can’t ride) is even more important. Take your friends coffee at the stable, visit an upcoming horse show, or just TK.

  • Get back on the horse. Start out slow—maybe just visiting the stables and bringing treats to your horses. And when you’re ready to actually ride, it’ll feel like you never even left.