5 Secrets for Pristine Riding Whites

Off white is cool when it comes to Virgil Abloh...but not for our equestrian gear. But going all-white this summer is even easier than ever a la our Elite Equestrian Bodysuit and Derby Riding Pants.

White Riding Pants

The key to this look is a pristine white pant. The moment we get a new pair of whites is euphoric… until we take them out for a spin and remember that this is a sweaty, messy sport. The more we looked around, the more we realized that some of us out there are, ahem, quite a bit better at always looking polished on show days. So we had to know: exactly how do they do it?

Here’s how some of our favorite (and most polished) equestrians they remove all the bad stuff that comes from a good day of riding.

1. Find the laundry room.

“I always check with the hotel to see if there's a laundry room or laundry services at a show. If there is, my whites get washed the second I'm home—I’m convinced that every hour they sit in the hamper is just one more hour for irreversible stains to set in.” —Lindsay Douglass, Grand Prix Rider

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff—but keep a bleach pen on hand.

“In all honesty, I don’t really fret over it until I end my day. Worrying about these little things only puts a damper on my show experience. But I always keep a Tide to Go and an old toothbrush in my tack trunk while at shows.” —Alli Addison, founder of Milton Menasco

3. Hot, hot water.
“Soak them in hot water overnight...oh and use lots of oxiclean!" Andrea Vogel, founder of Free x Rein

4. Try a super soak.
“If my whites are really bad, I'll use detergent and bleach, then pause the cycle after the washer fills up with water and leave them to soak. It's better to wash whites in cold water because heat seals in the stains—same reason why you shouldn't really dry white clothes until you're happy with how clean they are or else it's pretty impossible to get the stain out when the clothing is dried.” –Bethany Lee, NEED TITLE HERE

5. Go ahead, be extra.
“I bring an extra show shirt and pair of breeches to each and every show day. It may seem a bit “extra” but I’d rather have that “Plan B” set sitting in the dressing stall, patiently waiting for when I take that epic digger in the show ring.” —Addison

So go ahead—don’t worry about the dust, hit all of your marks, and maybe even rub a little dirt on it. Because after, you’ve got these tips to bring you whites back to perfect.